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Crashing The Bottom

Meegs lures have been around for awhile now and it's about time someone told people how to really catch more fish with them! What's a Meegs? It's only the greatest thing to hit ice fishing since the creation of frozen water! The action of a Meegs lure is designed to imitate that of a feeding or a wounded minnow, it just depends on how you jig it!

Its as easy as a flick of a your wrist. As a minnow begins to feed off of organisms from the lake bed below they sit at a 45degree angle so they can eat more easily. Meegs lures are designed to copy that of a minnow's action while feeding.

As you lift your rod tip up it gets the attention of other game fish, as you drop it to the bottom it creates a dust cloud letting the big fish know that the feeding has begun!

Whether you are after lake trout, whitefish, walleye or pretty much anything that you can jig for Meegs fishing jigs is Ontario's best unkept secret to successful jigging.

Meegs Lures

There is no one set way to jig a Meegs but here are a few that tend to work very effectively! "Crashing the bottom" is one very effective way to attract fish in from further distances, sound travels a long way under water and fish can here and easy meal digging into the ground! Open your bail and let the jig hit the bottom. Lift your rod and try to flick it in the air about 4- 6" wait a couple seconds and repeat!

You don't want slack in your line when you drop your rod though., you should be able to feel when that jig touches the bottom and you want it to almost rest on bottom. Bouncing the bottom is another alternative.

Allow your jig to hit the bottom and just keep your rod bouncing! Lift it about 2" from the bottom to off the bottom. Lift, drop, lift, drop, lift, drop, it's like clockwork until that pesky fish weighs down you line! Some people try using a combination of the two, lift the jig up rapidly, making it look like an active minnow, then slowing the presentation down over a 2-3 min period. It makes the jig look like a dying minnow going fast to slow. Then repeating the process again. a lot of the hits will come as you slow your movements down.

Tipping Meegs Lures can add to your success while ice fishing. Most anglers prefer to use salted Phenix mini tube jigs ½' -1' tend to be the more common with chartreuse, white, forest green or shad colors being more and more common. There the same ones used for perch and other panfish. You can put them on whole and just push the body over the tail end of the jig. Leaving the skirt to cover the shank of the hook. If your using a black green jig, try a chartreuse or green tube. If you’re trying a black-gold try a darker color tube.

If you follow these few simple tips then your well on your way to a better more productive ice fishing season! Good luck and ill see you out there!

James Meger aka Meegs

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